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Slaton Junior High School / Slaton ISD
School nickname: Tigers and Tigerettes
100 W. Jean St.
Slaton, TX 79364
Phone: (806) 828-6583
Principal: Louie Spinks
Grades: 06-08
Students: 319
Teachers: 19
Feeds: Slaton High School
Academic Excellence Indicator System report.

Built in 1926, Slaton Junior High School was originally Slaton High School. The south and west wings were added later, and the entire building was remodeled in 1979. That renovation included closing windows and adding air conditioning to provide a better learning environment. In 1990-1991, a sixth grade wing, science rooms and a band hall were added.

Every classroom has at least one Macintosh computer, but some provide students with access to as many as five computers. The campus is wired for Internet access, and three computer labs are housed in the building.

The Tigers compete in football, basketball, track and cross-country running, and the Tigerettes compete in basketball, track and cross-country running. All students may participate in the band program, and students in the seventh and eighth grades may participate in the choir program.

Special events include pep rallies, dances, Field Day, Open House, band and choir concerts, sports recognition banquets, parent orientation, Christmas and Thanksgiving lunches -- when parents are invited to eat with their children at school.

Unique programs offered at Slaton Junior High School include Focus -- a program for students having discipline problems -- and rewards for grades, attendance and good behavior.

The school's focus on academics includes teaming in all three grades and offering Pre-Advanced Placement courses in English, math, science and social studies. Seventh and eighth grade students may take Spanish classes. Students participate in Reading Counts, Character Counts and Wednesday Opportunity, a program designed to give students an opportunity to raise their grades. The school has a Student Council and a National Junior Honor Society. The Boys Town Reading Program is available to slow readers.

Students participate in a host of academic competitions, and the school has an all-inclusive cheerleading squad.

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