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Stephen F. Austin Elementary School / Slaton ISD
School nickname: Tigers
700 7th St.
Slaton, TX 79364
Phone: (806) 828-5813
Principal: Twilla Rex
Grades: 04-05
Students: 202
Teachers: 15
Feeds: Slaton Junior High School
Academic Excellence Indicator System report.

Built in the 1940s, Stephen F. Austin Elementary School has seen several renovations and construction projects completed since its inception, including the addition of a Parenting Center -- complete with washer and dryer -- and a recently completed outdoor track.

The school boasts a spacious library, a media center and a gymnasium.

All classrooms have computers, and a computer instruction lab is equipped with 25 computers -- all connected to the Internet.

One advantage of having networked computers is that students can study for the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills test using the "Achiever" series of Brainchild Software.

The school's new computers were purchased with the aid of the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund grant, a non-competitive grant for public schools that allows eligible institutions to buy automation software, computer workstations, printers, scanners and more.

The playground includes a new track, a basketball court, exercise equipment, and special equipment designed for disabled students.

Parent-teacher meetings are well attended, and parents are actively involved their children's education, a school official said.

Each year, the school celebrates diversity among students, hosting special assemblies during Black History Month and Cinco de Mayo. In addition, various cultures are highlighted during the annual Christmas holiday program.

A Character Counts program, which encourages honesty and civic responsibility, is an important component of the school's curriculum, an official said.

Stephen F. Austin Elementary School boasts of its excellent choir, composed of about 35 fourth and fifth graders who perform regularly during school assemblies and community events.

Stephen F. Austin students participate in University Interscholastic League competitions. The school sent 60 students to such competitions this year.

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