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Southland School / Southland ISD
School nickname: Eagles
800 Georgia
Southland, TX 79364
Phone: (806) 996-5339
There is no school website.
Principal: James Starkey
Grades: K-12
Students: 188
Teachers: 18
Academic Excellence Indicator System report.

Southland School is the heart of Southland, a community located southeast of Lubbock. No recent renovations have been made to the school building, which was constructed in 1976. However, each classroom is equipped with an Internet-connected computer. The campus also includes a computer lab featuring the latest technology.

A unique feature of the school is a writing center for high school students. Special events each year include, an open house where parents and the community visit the school and an annual Books and Breakfast reading program for elementary school students.

The school offers college credit courses and a distance-learning lab to high school students through programs offered by South Plains College, West Texas A&M University and other universities and technical schools.

The campus includes playground facilities with amenities such as a merry-go-round and a slide.

One of the biggest advantages that Southland School offers is that one facility houses all grades. Students from kindergarten through the 12th grade go to school together and know each other. That provides consistency throughout students' school years.

Students compete in track, football, and basketball, cross-country running, tennis and golf as well as academic contests. Each year, senior students take a trip.

Parents take a role in school activities through the Southland Booster Club.

For a complete look at the state's report card for Southland School click here.


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