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Lorenzo Elementary School / Lorenzo ISD

School nickname: Hornets
1004 Polk St.
Lorenzo, TX 79343
Phone: (806) 634-5593
Principal: Suzanne Maguire
Grades: preK-06
Students: 214
Teachers: 20
Feeds: Lorenzo High School
Academic Excellence Indicator System report.

Lorenzo Elementary School, like many Lubbock-area schools, has moved computer technology to the front of the class.

The pre-K through sixth grade classrooms are equipped with computers, and the school also provides a computer lab.

Recent improvements to the facility include an upgrade to the heating and air conditioning unit, new carpeting and fresh paint.

The playground facilities of the school include mock castles with bridges, sliding boards and swing sets.

Each year, Lorenzo Elementary School holds an open house to give parents and students an opportunity to meet teachers and administrators.

The school involves its students in acting through stage performances, and conducts a Texas Assessment of Academic Skills carnival annually.

Excellent teachers encourage students to learn while enjoying their school experience, said a school official. The teachers are a unique group, the official said.

Lorenzo High School

For a complete look at the state's report card for Lorenzo Elementary School click here.


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