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New Deal High School / New Deal ISD
School nickname: Lions
209 S. Auburn St.
New Deal, TX 79350
Phone: (806) 746-5935
Principal: Steve McCray
Grades: 09-12
Students: 205
Teachers: 22
Feeder school: New Deal Middle School
Academic Excellence Indicator System report.

Built in 1969, New Deal High School has been growing rapidly. The school was enlarged in 1995 and again in 2000. The gym was remodeled in 1996, and an new gym was constructed in 1997. The school's agricultural shop area was enlarged in 1998. Wired to the Internet, computers serve as the students' entry ramp to the information superhighway.

The Lions have a winning tradition when it comes to sports. The school's teams reached the playoffs in football, basketball and baseball in 2000-2001 and qualified for regional play in golf and cross-country running. Students also compete in track and tennis.

The school's band has its own tradition of excellence, having scored Division 1 ratings in the UIL marching contest. Several band members qualified for state band competitions.

Special events held at the school each year include homecoming, band contests, a harvest festival, drug-free concerts, a physics trip, college day visits, participation in several stock shows and B.B. Investment.

However, the major emphasis is on academics. The school received recognized status from the Texas Education Agency this year, and 65 percent of graduates go on to attend colleges or trade schools. South Plains College provides dual credit courses at the school.

A unique feature of New Deal High School is the Champions Club, which focuses on building character in its members.

New Deal Elementary School | New Deal Middle School

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