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New Deal Elementary School / New Deal ISD
School nickname: Lions
312 S. Monroe St.
New Deal, TX 79350
Phone: (806) 746-5849
Principal: Kristi Mayo
Grades: preK-04
Students: 304
Teachers: 22
Feeds: New Deal Middle School
Academic Excellence Indicator System report.

New Deal Elementary School was built in the 1930s.

Recent renovations improved the school. The building's exterior was repainted, and a central heating and air conditioning system was installed in every classroom in 2000.

The school has a Macintosh computer lab with 28 networked computers -- all Internet-ready -- said a school official. An electronic testing lab contains 22 computers.

The playground facilities are aging, said one school official, but primary-grade level students can romp in an area that includes a Jungle Jim. Intermediate-level students have a gymnasium that contains a fireman's pole. Overhead swing-bars and swing sets are available in both playground areas.

Special events of the school include award assemblies every six weeks, reading celebrations every eight weeks, and weekly attendance rewards.

Students are honored for their commitment to respect, attendance and academic excellence with membership in the Champions Club. Also, every six weeks, students are inducted into the Super Cub Club, the district's weekly honor list that is published in the district newspaper.

The school also sponsors a Success for All reading program, which recognizes avid readers. New Deal Elementary supports a one-on-one tutoring program involving parents and school personnel who volunteer to help students.

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