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O.L. Slaton Junior High School / Lubbock ISD
School nickname: Knights
1602 32nd St.
Lubbock, TX 79405
Phone: (806) 766-1555
School website.
Principal: Robert Guerrero
Grades: 07-09
Students: 813
Teachers: 61
Feeds: Monterey High School
Academic Excellence Indicator System report.

O.L. Slaton Junior High School is a two-story building that houses a large and small gymnasium. The band room and the field house are separate from the main facility.

The school was built in 1947. Two new wings were added in 1997, and, at the same time, the office was renovated and a new teachers' workroom was added.

O.L. Slaton has three computer labs, and most classrooms have at least one computer accessible to teachers.

The lab computers are Internet-ready, and most of the classroom computers are wired for Internet access.

The school uses predominantly Dell computers running Windows.

O.L. Slaton has football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, track, tennis, swimming and gymnastics programs.

The school adopted a new mascot in 2000, renaming itself the O.L Slaton Knights.

The school offers a full band program, a choir consisting of the Scarlet Angels and the Shades of Red, and conducts numerous activities, assemblies, pep rallies and guest speaker events during the year.

The school also conducts a yearly musical presented by the theater, dance, choir, orchestra and band students.

O.L. Slaton is a magnet school, offering courses in theater, dance and gymnastics.

The school is unique because it is the only facility in the district that offers Future Fridays, a program that provides an opportunity to extend learning through school trips, guest speakers, special projects and presentations.

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