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Irons Junior High School / Lubbock ISD

School nickname: Cougars
5214 79th St.
Lubbock, TX 79424
Phone: (806) 766-2044
School website.
Principal: Lynn Akin
Grades: 07-09
Students: 732
Teachers: 47
Feeds: Coronado High School
Academic Excellence Indicator System report.

Irons Junior High School is one of the largest in the Lubbock Independent School District, with more than 140,000 square feet of space and a school seating capacity of 900.

The school opened in 1989.

The building includes nine classrooms and a multi-purpose athletic facility.

Along with conventional classrooms, there are eight science labs, five computer labs, and facilities for the band, choir and orchestra programs. The school's auditorium seats 591. The modern library has Internet-ready computers for students.

In addition to the multi-purpose workout facility, there are two gymnasiums, two football fields and six tennis courts.

Each classroom is equipped with at least one Internet-ready computer, and the school provides five computer labs. Irons has 130 computers for student use. Dell makes the majority of the computers on campus.

Irons offers a variety of sports programs, including basketball, football, tennis, track and field, wrestling, cross-country skiing and volleyball.

The band, choir and orchestra programs have all won numerous awards at University Interscholastic League competitions.

Nearly half of the students at Irons participate in one or more of the music programs, according to school officials. In addition, during the spring semester each year, the Fine Arts Department presents a musical that, typically, sells out each performance.

With the help of the parent teacher association, the school hosts three annual celebratory events. In December, the Ed Irons Day celebration occurs, which includes a luncheon to honor the school's namesake.

In the spring, the school has a Shakespeare Festival presented by the Language Arts Department. Then there is the Texas Independence Day celebration, sponsored by the Social Studies department.

For a complete look at the state's report card for Irons Junior High School click here.



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