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Murfee Elementary School / Lubbock ISD

Murfee Elementary School
School nickname: Mountain Lions
6901 Nashville Drive
Lubbock, TX 79413
Phone: (806) 766-0888
School website.
Principal: Kathy Rollo
Grades: K-06
Students: 372
Teachers: 35
Feeds: Evans Junior High School
Academic Excellence Indicator System report.

Murfee Elementary School, named for a pioneer woman educator Miss Mae Murfee, opened its doors in the fall of 1969.

Although the first sixth grade class to attend the school came close to installing Mosquitoes as the school nickname, the school finally decided on the Mountain Lion as its official mascot.

In 1994, fifth and sixth-grade classrooms were added, and a gymnasium was opened in 1995. Murfee has an outdoor learning center complemented by an amphitheater and a pond surrounded by native plants. Parent volunteers built the center.

The school has an open-concept environment.

Murfee has a computer lab equipped with Dell and Macintosh computers, which are used to enhance instruction.

The library has two research computers, and each classroom has at least one Dell and one Macintosh. The school computers are intra-networked and Internet-ready, and all grade levels use the system for research projects.

Murfee has an active parent teacher association support system. Many parents volunteer in classrooms and work directly with students in small groups. Some parents perform tasks such as laminating wood, making games and other utilities or toys for the students.

The school has an open-door policy. The policy means that parents are always welcome to attend classes or other school functions.

Murfee celebrates the fall season with a Pumpkin Party, and hosts a festival each autumn. In December, the sixth-grade students show off their skills during the Medieval Festival. Moreover, in May, the school hosts a state and world fair celebration to commemorate the fifth and sixth-graders' completion of studies.

Other activities include orchestra, the Extreme Green Choir, an Art Club, a Savings at Murfee, bank program, the Murfee Rangers, a Safety Patrol and a Cyber-Safari Team event. Murfee implemented a Core Knowledge program in Social Studies and English Language Arts, and Murfee students compete in a Destination Imagination and Future Problem-Solving academic competition at the state and national level.

For a complete look at the state's report card for Murfee Elementary School click here.


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