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Maedgen Elementary School / Lubbock ISD
School nickname: Mohawk Indians
4401 Nashville Ave.
Lubbock, TX 79413
Phone: (806) 766-0877
School website.
Principal: Glen Teal
Grades: K-06
Students: 393
Teachers: 35
Feeds: Hutchinson Junior High School
Academic Excellence Indicator System report.

Constructed in 1955, Maedgen Elementary School includes three wings of classrooms, a daily living skills facility and a multi-purpose physical education facility. The campus also includes two fenced outdoor learning areas. The building has not been renovated since its construction.

Students have access to the Internet in every classroom. Next year, 15 Macintosh computers will be available in kindergarten through second grade classrooms. Students in the first through sixth grades have access to a Macintosh in each classroom to use with studies associated with the Accelerated Reading program. Each teacher has a classroom personal computer, and students have access to a computer lab equipped with 15 computers outfitted with Microsoft Office software.

Special programs offered at Maedgen include Reading Recovery, Accelerated Reading, Listen With Your Heart and Early Literacy -- a program for students in kindergarten through the second grade. Other student activities include STAR Club, Chess Club and Sixth Grade Science Club.

Students operate the Wee Deliver Post Office and Maedgen Savings Bank. Fifth grade students participate in an Adopt-a-Pilot program.

Maedgen has a strong parent teacher association, and school officials said most parents are supportive of school activities. Many parents are involved the school's volunteer programs.

Events held throughout the school year include Young Authors Day, Fall Festival, Career Day and Sports Play Day.

For a complete look at the state's report card for Maedgen Elementary School click here.


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