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Hodges Elementary School / Lubbock ISD
School nickname: Longhorns
5001 Avenue P
Lubbock, TX 79412
Phone: (806) 766-1722
School website.
Principal: Dennis Hargrove
Grades taught: K-06
Students: 647
Teachers: 49
Feeds: Dunbar Junior High School
Academic Excellence Indicator System report.

The original Hodges Elementary School building opened in 1951. Additions were added in 1952, 1964, and 1968 and 1987.

Hodges was one of Lubbock's first elementary schools to get a gymnasium.

The school has a Parent Center, which houses the parent volunteer program and facilities for student art and music specialists.

Hodges has two computer labs and all fourth-, fifth and sixth-grade classrooms have computers that are networked and connected to the Internet.

All classrooms are connected to the Internet with at least one computer.

Hodges' Parent Teacher Association and parent volunteer program are vibrant and "very active," a school representative said.

The district is building and equipping an outdoor learning center on the campus.

The school sponsors several programs that promote community and parental involvement, starting with a community hot dog cookout in September. Hodges has a Monday Night Football program for fathers and sons on nights when the Dallas Cowboys play.

The school conducts a parenting class series and a brown-bag lunch special for parents to come and share library experiences with their children.

The school hosts a job fair each year for primary and intermediate students, and special meals for parents at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Hodges celebrates Black History Month, Cinco de Mayo, Diez y Seis and, during Red Ribbon Week, participates in a neighborhood march with parents and students.

The school also conducts an annual health fair and an income tax seminar for parents.

The school provides bilingual courses, special education programs, and early literacy and Accelerated Reading programs.

For a complete look at the state's report card for Hodges Elementary School click here.


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