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Arnett Elementary School / Lubbock ISD

School nickname: Antelopes
701 E. Queens St.
Lubbock, TX 79403
Phone: (806) 766-1644
School website.
Principal: DeeDee Adkins
Grades: K-06
Students: 245
Teachers: 21
Feeds: Alderson Junior High School

Constructed in 1953, Arnett Elementary School is built in the shape of a horseshoe with separate gymnasium facilities. A partial renovation project was undertaken in 1970 after the southwest wing of the school was damaged by a tornado. Two portable buildings also are located on the campus.

Arnett is a part of the Early Literacy Collaborative with Texas Tech and Ohio State universities. Additional teachers support all students in kindergarten through the third grade. One classroom is comprised of children aged 6 through 8 who are encouraged to explore their world in a multi-age, non-graded environment.

Each classroom is equipped with at least one Internet-connected computer as well as two to three additional computers. A computer lab offers students access to 21 Windows computers, four Power Macintosh computers, scanners, printers and a digital camera.

Community and parental involvement is a hallmark of Arnett, which is located in a close-knit neighborhood with a small-town atmosphere. Parents of many of the students also attended Arnett. Special events are held with the community in mind. Celebrations include Diez y Deis de Septiembre and Cinco de Mayo. Each grade level also hosts a number of brown-bag lunches for teachers, parents and students.

Arnett is an alliance school. The faculty and staff are dedicated to establishing meaningful relationships with the parents and members of the community. Parent teacher association programs primarily revolve around student performances and family workshops.

For a complete look at the state's report card for Arnett Elementary School click here.


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