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Westwind Elementary School / Frenship ISD
School nickname: Tigers
6401 43rd St.
Lubbock, TX 79382
Phone: (806) 799-3731
School website.
Principal: Clinton Smith
Grades: preK-04
Students: 522
Teachers: 36
Feeds: Bennett Intermediate School
Academic Excellence Indicator System report.

Westwind Elementary School, built in 1995, is equipped to provide its students with skills designed to serve them in the 21st century.

Each classroom has computers, and students have open access to Internet education programs, as well as instructional computer labs.

Teachers keep cordless telephones in each classroom to maintain communication with parents, and a wireless laptop-computer lab will be opened in 2002.

Playground facilities include a basketball court, a running track, swing sets, sliding boards and a Jungle Gym.

The school has a vibrant parent teacher association, a school official said. Parents stay involved with their children's education through regular open house gatherings and annual science fairs.

Annual special events include the Transportation Parade, which involves parents helping students build a mobile vehicle out of any material they choose. Students demonstrate the mobility of the vehicle during a class session.

Along with open house gatherings during the year, the school hosts an annual Reading Rally, which involves student teams attempting to achieve specific reading goals. The winning team may select a costume that the principal must wear for a day. Last year, Principal Darryl Fluschie dressed as a character from the "Star Wars," film series. Roller skates were part of the ensemble.

Reading is emphasized at Westwind Elementary, and outstanding readers are recognized during assemblies throughout the year.

Each year, the school hosts a field day at the end of the year, as well as a Cinco de Mayo festival.

The school promotes honesty and civic responsibility through a Character Counts program, and televisions in each classroom broadcast student-formatted morning news, birthday updates, weather and general information.

Westwind hosts an Accelerated Reader program that encourages students to read by rewarding them with points after they test their comprehension of text.

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