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North Ridge Elementary School / Frenship ISD

School nickname: Tigers
6302 11th Place
Lubbock, TX 79382
Phone: (806) 793-6686
School website.
Principal: Cathy Fletcher
Grades: preK-04
Students: 717
Teachers: 47
Feeds: Bennett Intermediate School
Academic Excellence Indicator System report.

North Ridge Elementary School was built in 1986 and is part of the Frenship Independent School District. In 1992, administrators added two classrooms for each grade level, and in 1998 the district built a gymnasium on campus.

North Ridge Elementary School emphasizes technology. Each classroom has computers, and students have access to computer-related instructional labs.

Reflective of the school's commitment to parental involvement, every teacher has a cordless telephone to maintain close relationships with students' parents.

The school's playground facilities include baseball backstops, soccer goals, swings, slides, and wooden play sets.

The parent teacher association is vibrant, and the school promotes parental involvement with special events during the year. One such event is Family Reading Night, when children read to parents or vice versa.

Other school programs include Donuts for Dad, and Muffins for Mom, when the respective parent comes in to share snacks and to chat with their children and teachers.

The school curriculum includes an outdoor science center, which instructs students about plants, ponds, turtle traps and offers them an opportunity to participate in dinosaur digs. Participating students also grow edible crops, and there are about 60 animals at the school, including gerbils, hamsters, ferrets, and guinea pigs, which are used to teach students responsibility.

The program is supported by students who bring in recyclable materials that are sold, with the proceeds help fund the science project.

North Ridge also sponsors a Character Counts program, which emphasizes student trustworthiness and honesty.

In 1996, North Ridge Elementary School incorporated the Accelerated Reading program into its curricula. The program utilizes the library and Internet-connected computers to enhance the students' ability to read and enjoy it.

Through the reading program, once a student reads a book he or she goes to one of many computers in the building and take a test on how well they comprehended the story. If they pass the test, they earn points, which can be used to spend in the school's reading program store.

The school teaches computer skills from kindergarten through fourth grade. Beginners take courses on vocabulary for computer hardware, word processing and Internet skills, and finish in fourth grade with courses such as file management skills, basic editing skills and basic formatting.

As a result of outstanding state assessment scores, North Ridge obtained a recognized rating for three years in a row. The goal this year is to achieve an exemplary rating, said Principal Cathy Fletcher.

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