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Lubbock-Cooper Intermediate School / Lubbock-Cooper ISD
School nickname: Pirates
16302 Loop 493
Lubbock, TX 79423-9530
Phone: (806) 863-2282
Principal: Darrell Radle
Grades: 04-05
Students: 344
Teachers: 20
Feeds: Lubbock-Cooper Intermediate School
Academic Excellence Indicator System report.

Lubbock-Cooper Intermediate School was built in the 1930's. In 1987, the heart of the school's curriculum, the library, was added to the campus, as was a new office.

Technology plays a major role in the education of students at Lubbock-Cooper Intermediate School, and all classes have computers, according to school officials.

The school offers a fourth- and fifth-grade computer lab, and all computers are Internet-ready. The school plans to update its computers in the fall of 2001, administrators said.

The playground features tetherball, basketball and volleyball.

The school has a strong music appreciation program, and emphasizes art in all forms, as well as physical education.

The Lubbock-Cooper Intermediate Parent Teacher Association provides strong support for both students and school programs, said Principal John Slaten.

The school has an Accelerated Reading course to encourage students to read. Students score points when they test for knowledge of books they've read, and the points are applied toward prizes.

The school's approach to teaching is based on strong reading, mathematics and writing programs, combined with an emphasis on science and social studies.

"Our uniqueness comes from the fact that we're a close group," Slaten said. "Everyone works together and knows each other."

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