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Lubbock-Cooper Elementary School / Lubbock-Cooper ISD
School nickname: Pirates
16302 Loop 493
Lubbock, TX 79423
Phone: (806) 863-2282
Principal: Rita McDaniel
Grades taught: preK-03
Students: 693
Teachers: 32
Feeds: Lubbock-Cooper Elementary School
Academic Excellence Indicator System report.

Built in 1936, Lubbock-Cooper Elementary School is recognized by the Texas Education Agency as one of Lubbock County's top academic performers. Lubbock-Cooper Elementary School students consistently score about 10 percent above the state average for Texas Assessment of Academic Skills testing in English and mathematics.

Lubbock-Cooper Elementary School was recognized for six of the previous seven years by the state for academic excellence in 2001.

Located in south Lubbock, recent renovations to the school include a new cafeteria and refurbished restrooms, which were both renovated in 1999.

The school maintains computers in most classrooms, and, in keeping with the "Information Age," also provides two computer labs. Each of the 100 Windows computers available to students are Internet-ready, according to school officials.

Lubbock-Cooper Elementary School students participate each year in civic activities, such as the Jump Rope for Heart fund-raiser benefiting the American Heart Association, as well as various walk-a-thons for non-profit community service organizations.

The school's playground facilities are the latest in safety-oriented equipment.

Alumni parents are very active in CEIPA -- the Lubbock-Cooper Elementary School Interactive Parents Association -- an organization similar to the better-known parent teacher association. The CEIPA brings together parents, educators, students, and other citizens who take an active interest in their schools and communities.

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