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LISD Special Back to School Section (Fall 2002)


Alderson Academy (3-6) 766-1500 219 Walnut Ave., 79403 Ellen Desrosiers

Arnett 766-1644 701 E. Queens St., 79403 Dee Dee Adkins

Bayless 766-1655 2115 58th St., 79412 Elsa Montes

Bean 766-1666 3001 Ave. N, 79405 Linda Willett

Bowie 766-0822 2902 Chicago Ave., 79407 Anita Rangel

Bozeman Primary Academy (K-2) 766-1677 3101 E. 2nd, 79403 Kelly Smiley

Brown 766-0833 2315 36th St., 79412 Sue Shultz

Dupre 766-1688 2008 Ave. T, 79401 Myrna Porras

Guadalupe 766-1699 101 N. Ave. P, 79401 Ed Mullins

Hardwick 766-0844 1420 Chicago Ave., 79416 Linda Rowntree

Harwell 766-1711 4101 Ave. D, 79404 Celia Glick

Haynes 766-0855 3802 60th St., 79413 Suzanne Christopher

Hodges 766-1722 5001 Ave. P, 79412 Dennis Hargrove

Honey 766-0866 3615 86th St., 79423 David Doyle

Iles 766-1755 2401 Date Ave., 79404 Brian Yearwood

Jackson 766-1766 201 Vernon Ave., 79415 Richard Ybarra

Maedgen 766-0877 4401 Nashville Ave., 79413 Glen Teal

McWhorter 766-1799 2711 First St., 79415 Luis Cardenas

Murfee 766-0888 6901 Nashville Dr., 79413 Kathy Rollo

Overton 766-0899 2902 Louisville Ave., 79410 Drew Jackson

Parkway Primary Academy (K-2) 766-1811 406 N. Zenith Ave., 79403 Julee Becker

Parsons 766-0911 2811 58th St., 79413 Bob Wood

Ramirez 766-1833 702 Ave. T, 79401 Bill Gonzales

Rush 766-0933 4702 15th St., 79416 Jady English

Smith 766-2022 8707 Dover Ave., 79424 Ann Archer

Stewart 766-0944 4815 46th St., 79414 Toni Hancock

Tubbs 766-1855 3311 Bates St., 79415 Eric Cederstrom

Waters 766-6207 3006 78th St., 79423 Karen Thornton

Wester 766-0966 4602 Chicago Ave., 79414 Karla Hankins

Wheatley 766-1877 1802 E. 28th St., 79404 Margaret Randle

Wheelock 766-0977 3008 42nd St., 79413 Delmira Lopez

Whiteside 766-2088 7508 Albany Ave., 79424 Joe Williams

Williams 766-0988 4812 58th St., 79414 Becky Hunt
R. Wilson 766-0922 2807 25th St., 79410 Chris Brown

Wolfforth 766-1899 3202 Erskine, 79415 Armando Garcia

Wright 766-1911 1302 Adrian St., 79415 Jesse Garza

Atkins 766-1522 5401 Ave. U, 79412 Miles Walston

Cavazos 766-6600 210 N. University, 79415 David Vasquez

Dunbar 766-1300 2010 E. 26th St., 79404 Richard Molina

Evans 766-0722 4211 58th St., 79413 G.Q. Nell

Hutchinson 766-0755 3102 Canton, 79410 Mike Bustillos

Irons 766-2044 5214 79th St., 79424 Lynn Akin

Mackenzie 766-0777 5402 W. 12th St., 79416 John Carter

O.L. Slaton 766-1555 1602 32nd St., 79405 Robert Guerrero
S. Wilson 766-0799 4402 31st St., 79410 Al Griggs

Coronado 766-0600 3307 Vicksburg Ave., 79410 Jack Booe

Estacado 766-1400 1504 E. Itasca Ave., 79403 Carolyn T. Conwright

Lubbock 766-1444 2004 19th St., 79401 Doyle Vogler

Monterey 766-0700 3211 47th St., 79413 Mike Bennett

Ballenger Pre-K/Head Start 766-1600 1110 40th St., 79412 Frank Goode

Byron Martin ATC 766-6651 3201 Ave. Q, 79412 Cindy Miller

Mahon Pre-K/Head Start 766-1913 2010 Cornell Janice Dudley

Martin Pre-K/Head Start 766-1788 3315 E. Broadway, 79403 Beth Burkhalter

Matthews/New Directions 766-1533 417 N. Akron Ave., 79415 Tom Brown

Project Intercept 766-1633 1323 E 24th St., 79414 Gus Ramirez

Ragus Aquatic Center 766-1777 2004 14th St., 79401 Ron Holihan

ARAMARK Food Services 766-1225 3501 Ave. G, 79404

Barbara Flanagan Durham School Services. 766-1616 5501 M. L. King Blvd., 79404 Gilbert Villa

Sodexho School Services 766-1255 2002 Cornell St., 79415 Bill Craft

Magnet Schools
oIles Elementary Creative and Expressive Arts Magnet
Features open education philosophy, team teaching, heavy reliance on parent conferences, individual instruction, and non-graded. Extended day program until 5:30 p.m. available at no expense to parents.
Classes offered: gifted and talented, art, orchestra, piano, choir, gymnastics, dance, and Suzuki strings.

oRamirez Elementary Science and Technology Magnet
Features two science labs and a Starlab (K-6), two computer labs, three to five computers per classroom, and in-house technology facilitators. Early literacy (primary grades), math specialist (intermediate grades), gifted and talented teachers in every grade level, orchestra, Spanish, music, PE, and art (K-6). Bilingual and ESL instruction.

oRoscoe Wilson Elementary Fine Arts/Humanities Magnet
Features team teaching, traditional grading, and extended instructional day until 3:30 p.m.
Classes offered: gifted and talented, art, music, physical education, Spanish, special education, and Suzuki strings. Fine arts are emphasized and Core Knowledge curriculum is utilized K-6.

oTubbs Elementary Communications and Technology Magnet
Features traditional grading, computer-assisted instruction, and broadcast journalism. Classes offered: gifted and talented, choir, music, art, newspaper, physical education, and Spanish.

oWilliams Elementary Communication and Multi-Media Arts Magnet
Features a risk-free climate of positive expectations, open communication, and collaborative learning. The academically challenging program provides an avenue for students to make connections across the disciplines. Included in the curriculum are Early Literacy for grades K-2 and French instruction for grades K-5. Classes offered: French, TV Broadcasting and Journalism, student-operated businesses, and a GT pull-out program.

oCavazos Junior High High Technology Magnet
Pre-AP classes are available and every classroom is equipped for computer use. Interactive Video Distance Learning Classroom is available.
Classes offered: media literacy and critical viewing, piano lab, electronic media, Latin, French, and Spanish.

oDunbar Junior High Math/Science Academy
Accepts students interested in Pre-AP courses and students with special interests in science. Interactive Video Distance Learning Classroom is available.
Classes offered: science block, biology I, journalism, and speech. Unique schedule includes selected classes that are blocked for 90 minutes, meeting every other day. French and Spanish are available.

oHutchinson Junior High Academic Magnet
Students must have an overall GPA of 3.2 and pass all portions of the TAAS. Must have As or Bs in specific Pre-AP courses requested as well as specific performance on standardized tests. Pre-AP classes: language arts, social studies, math, and science. Additional courses available: theatre arts, gymnastics, dance, and ceramics. Latin, French, and Spanish are available.

oO.L. Slaton Junior High Academic Magnet
Students must have an overall GPA of 3.2 and pass all portions of the TAAS. Must have As or Bs in specific Pre-AP courses requested as well as specific performance on standardized tests.
Pre-AP classes: language arts, social studies, math, and science.
Additional classes available: theatre arts, gymnastics, dance, and classical art. Latin, French, and Spanish are available. Friday schedule is Fantastic Fridays.

oEstacado High School Law/Medical & Engineering Professions Magnet
Admission requires special interest in medical professions or law enforcement, a 3.2 GPA, and pass all portions of the TAAS test. The Tech Prep initiative with South Plains College is one option. Students can receive dual credit with South Plains College. Army Junior ROTC is also offered.

oMedical Professions
Classes offered: anatomy and physiology, anatomy and physiology AP, basics of pathology honors, health care science, health care science AP, health occupations cooperative lab I, health occupations cooperative lab II, *health science technology lab I, *health science technology lab I honors, *health science technology lab II, *health science technology lab II Pre-AP, medical administrative systems, medical terminology - Latin, medical terminology - Spanish, sports medicine I, sports medicine II, technical/report writing. Accepts minority and non-minority students.

oLaw and Criminal Justice
Classes offered: business law, introduction to criminal justice careers, *justice & law internship I, *justice & law internship II, law enforcement, Army Junior ROTC.
*courses involve preceptorship experiences.

oLubbock High School Lubbock Exemplary Academic Program (LEAP) Magnet
To qualify for LEAP Pre-AP or AP classes, students must have an overall GPA of 3.5 and pass all portions of the TAAS test. Must have As or Bs in specific LEAP honor courses requested as well as specific performance on standardized tests. Junior or senior students that meet specified criteria may enroll at Texas Tech for dual credit, and enroll on LHS campus for Texas Tech dual credit classes.
Classes offered: LEAP Pre-AP or AP courses, enriched art, gymnastics, dance, marine science, astronomy, horticulture.

Navy Junior ROTC also available. LHS is the only school in
the South Plains to offer the International Baccalaureate Program.
Four-day academic week with fifth-day special classes including
engineering and legal training classes.

If you have any questions concerning magnet schools, call Ann Graves,
assistant superintendent, elementary, or Fred Hardin, assistant superintendent,
secondary, at 766-1134.


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