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LISD Special Back to School Section (Fall 2002)

Texas law requires immunizations for all students enrolled in schools. Immunizations should be completed before students enter school. For students transferring to Lubbock ISD, 30 days are permitted for receipt of health records. This grace period does not apply to current students who received adequate notification of needed immunizations. The required immunizations are:

15 months through 4 years One dose MMR vaccine received on or after first birthday.
One dose Hib vaccine on or after 15 months of age, unless a primary
series and booster have been completed.
Three doses polio vaccine.
Four doses DTP/DTaP.

5 years though 6 years One dose varicella (Chicken Pox) vaccine, or letter by parent/guardian /physician documenting date of chicken pox disease.

Three doses polio vaccine, including one dose on or after the fourth birthday.

Four doses DTP/DTaP (diptheria/tetanus/pertussis) vaccine, including one dose on or after the fourth birthday. (Note: Pertussis is not required for children five years of age or older)

One dose of German measles/rubella, mumps vaccine on or after the first birthday (these usually are parts of a MMR vaccine).
Two doses red measles/rubeola vaccine (this dose may be received as part of a second MMR).

Three doses of hepatitis B vaccine.

7 years and older One dose varicella/chicken pox vaccine by 30 days after the twelfth birthday or letter by parent/guardian/physician documenting date of chicken pox disease, if born before Sept. 1, 1994.
Three doses polio vaccine, including one dose on or after the fourth birthday. (Note: Polio vaccine is not required for students 18 years of age and older.)

Four doses DTP/DTaP (diptheria/tetanus/pertussis) vaccine including one dose on or after fourth birthday.


The temporary deferment has been issued by the Texas Department of
Health, with the anticipation that all students deferred will be required to
show compliance with TD boosters by the 2003-04 school year.

IF YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER EXPERIENCES A SHORTAGE OF ANY VACCINE OTHER THAN THE Td FOR THE TEN YEAR BOOSTER (including DtaP, DTP, and Varicella), please have them give you a validated statement for the school nurse, in order that your child will not be excluded from school due to NON-COMPLIANCE OR DELINQUENT IMMUNIZATIONS.

Your child will not be excluded from school due to supply problems, AS LONG AS THE PROBLEM IS VERIFIED BY YOUR PROVIDER.

One dose of German measles/rubella, mumps vaccine on or after the first birthday (these usually are parts of a MMR vaccine).
Two doses red measles/rubeola vaccine (this dose may be received as part of a second MMR), if born after Sept. 1, 1991, or within 30 days of twelfth birthday for students born between Sept. 1, 1978, and
Sept. 1, 1991.

Three doses of hepatitis B vaccine by the twelfth birthday for students born after Sept. 2, 1992.

Parents are asked to notify the school nurse if students have specific health needs, medical conditions, or medication to be taken during the school day. State law requires that written permission and directions be given by parents/guardians before medications can be given by any school staff.

When a medical condition exists that involves adjustments to the routine school day or environment, a written physician's letter/orders may be required in addition to consultation with the school nurse. Health information should be updated at the beginning of the school year and as changes occur. A professional, registered school nurse is assigned to every campus and is available to provide health and policy information, as well as health education and referral resources, if needed.

National School Lunch And Child Nutrition Programs Lubbock Independent School District
The Lubbock Independent School District offers free or reduced-price meals for children from families whose income is at or below guideline levels. Parents are encouraged to purchase prepaid meal tickets for their child at any school in the district.

Eligible families may apply at each campus at the beginning of the school year. Foster children are also eligible for the benefits.
A letter from Superintendent Jack Clemmons, containing information on the free or reduced-price meals, will be distributed to students to take home to everyone without regard of race, color, national origin, age, sex, or handicap. If anyone believes that they have been discriminated against, they should write immediately to the Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, DC 20250.

Under provisions of the free or reduced-price meal policy, all applications will be reviewed by the Free and Reduced Meals Clerk at 3501 Avenue G. If a parent is dissatisfied with the ruling of the official, he/she may make a request either orally or in writing for a hearing to appeal the decision.

The request should be directed to Traci Robertson, Executive Director of Purchasing and Contract Services, 1628 19th Street, telephone 766-1098. The school district's policy contains an outline of the hearing procedure.

The following income guidelines will be used to determine the eligibility for free or reduced- price meals:

Household Annually Monthly Weekly
Size Free Reduced Free Reduced Free Reduced
1 $11,518 $16,391 $960 $1,366 $222 $316
2 $15,522 $22,089 $1,294 $1,841 $299 $425
3 $19,526 $27,787 $1,628 $2,316 $376 $535
4 $23,530 $33,485 $1,961 $2,791 $453 $644
5 $27,534 $39,183 $2,295 $3,266 $530 $754
6 $31,538 $44,881 $2,629 $3,741 $607 $864
7 $35,542 $50,579 $2,962 $4,215 $684 $973
8 $39,546 $56,277 $3,296 $4,690 $761 $1,083
For each additional family member add:
+$4,004 +$5,698 +$334 +$475 +$77 +$110

Lubbock ISD Community Partners Corner

Foundation for Excellence grants funds
for Lubbock ISD teachers and students

o Lubbock ISD's public education foundation is the Foundation for Excellence (FFE).
o The FFE funds grants for LISD students for academic, leadership, and/or performance activities.
o The FFE also funds grants for LISD teachers for innovative teaching practices that provide enriching, academic experiences for students.
o Since its inception in 1988, the FFE has given $254,000 to students.
o This year, the FFE funded $12,000 for teachers.
o The 3rd Annual Tee Off "Fore" Teachers and Swing for Students golf tournament held on May 14, 2002,
raised over $35,000. Thirty-nine teams played and there were 42 corporate sponsors, including:

o Volunteers for the Lubbock ISD contributed more than $1.607 million worth of volunteer time to the district last year.

o The Volunteers In Public Schools program provides support within the school so that the individual needs of students are better met.

o From assisting in the classroom to organizing special events and fund-raisers, volunteers play an essential role in the education of youth.

o LISD welcomes the involvement of parents and community members. For more information about being a Lubbock Public Schools volunteer, call 766-1066.

Feature Sponsors: Southwest Coca-Cola and Durham Transportation
For more information call Sandra Hester, 766-1066.

Adopt-A-School Program celebrates 19th Year
o Lubbock ISD Adopt-A-School program has over 300 community partners and has successfully operated for 19 years.
o Partnerships were worth over $575,000 in both human and financial resources this past school year to Lubbock ISD.
o This program is a collaborative effort that fosters a better community understanding of the public school system.
o These partnerships have resulted in thousands of human resource hours and financial contributions to enhance the education of Lubbock school students.


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